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Holistic Weight Loss Nutritional Counseling & Hypnosis

The answer to successful weight loss isn’t a one size fits all solution.  Every individual is at a different level of motivation.  Some easily adopt healthier ways of eating and exercising.  For others it just isn’t that simple, as their relationship with food may be complex for a variety of reasons.  A holistic approach to weight loss focuses on your physical, mental and emotional health.  We will also discuss healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods that you enjoy or struggle to give up.  Ultimately, I believe it is more important to focus on cultivating a healthy lifestyle in general than on actual weight loss, which will arrive in its own time.  It is my hope to guide you to make permanent changes that result in YOU becoming the healthiest version of yourself that you can be. 

What To Expect During The First Session (90 Minutes):

Prior to the session I will email you a 3-day food journal to complete and bring with you. During the session we will:

●  Review your completed food journals and intake questionnaire.

●  Discuss your weight loss goals and the issues you struggle with.

●  Determine the healthy weight loss range (Body Mass Index) for your height.

●  Determine the appropriate number of calories you need to consume to achieve a healthy weight loss goal, and also the 

    number of calories that are unhealthy because they consist of either  too few or too many.

●  Discuss possible nutritionally dense healthy foods options to replace those you enjoy that are only calorie dense.

●  Discuss your possible use of apps and gadgets that count calories consumed and burned and also number of steps taken per day as well as create recipes.

●  Discuss various intermittent fasting schedules.

●  Discuss exercise and mindfulness practices.

Once we have determined the issue(s) that have stood in the way of your weight loss attempts, you will receive a guided hypnosis session that addresses the issue(s).  

● Following the consultation, you will receive a link to the recording of the hypnosis portion of your session so that you can continue to listen to it 

    on your own.  Repetition is an important part of re-programming the subconscious mind. 

● Ear seeds will be placed on one ear at the end of the session for use with craving control.  

Follow-Up Session (1 Hour):

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at your request.

● We will discuss your weight loss successes and any challenges since the previous session.

● You will receive another guided hypnosis session that focuses on any weight loss issues you may still be struggling with or that have surfaced since the previous session. The hypnosis session will be recorded and emailed to you.

● Ear seeds will be placed on one ear at the end of the session.