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Customer Testimonials

Patti is a very gifted and talented healer. She is passionate about her work and she really cares from her heart. She is also very kind and giving. My first session with Patti was touching and life changing. I highly recommend her services. She's amazing!  - Rotonda Maun, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Patti is a gifted Hypnotist and Reiki practitioner. I highly recommend her services to those who are seeking answers regarding their human experience.  - Debbie,  Hypnotherapist, Hands of Light Practitioner

Sometimes people get stuck in an unhappy pattern that can continue throughout their whole life distracting and preventing more fulfilling goals and paths. Patti Leppo's hypnotherapy session brought to light in me deeper levels of understanding about a recurring, stressful pattern. The session also laid at my feet, in living color, what brings me peace. Accepting that allows me to honor and be thankful to God for where I have been placed in this life. The reiki treatment before hypnotherapy was the perfect relaxation for a profounder experience! Words just cannot convey what a wonderful and amazing experience this was that left me with a peacefulness to replace my anxiety   - Patricia Long
Patti led me through a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique which was just amazing! My journey was complex, interesting, enlightening, and challenging, all at the same time. Patti's questions allowed me to dig deeper and refine and sense, feel, know what I was seeing as part of a much bigger picture. I was so grateful for the audio tape afterwards so I could listen to it over and over again and really work with the astonishing amount of information she was able to elicit. A truly profound experience!! I highly recommend you check out Patti's QHHT sessions and book one to learn more about yourself and your life path. Awesome! - Liana Carbón,  Shamanic & Energy Medicine Healer, Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc.
I had the privilege to have a Past Life Regression with Patti. It was intense and an amazing experience. As a Certified Hypnotist, I felt Patti was professional, compassionate and extremely helpful to me for guiding me for a wonderful discovery about myself. I highly recommend Patti Leppo! I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you Patti!! Marcia Hansen-McCauley, owner of  Nurse2Health Healing & Hypnosis -  Certified Reiki, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. Intuitive and Angel Card Reader
My sessions with Patti allow my mind and heart to open and receive healing. Because it's important to feel a safe and comfortable connection with the person who is helping you through your journey, I especially appreciate that Patti is very compassionate and gentle! Patti's care does not just stop with me in the warm environment of her office. She recently came into my home to clear out the negative energy in order to invite calm and wellness. My home now has a feeling of greater peace and love so that I can be ready to receive the blessings of this new year. Anyone who is wanting to work on personal transformation, you will find that kind support in Patti! - Elizabeth, Special Ed Teacher
Patti nurturingly led me through a past life regression. I came out with a scene from a past life where I was very loved and accepted by those around me. I hold on to that on the days where I feel vulnerable or introverted. It was just what I needed at that time as it gave me a deep sense of being accepted by others around me. This is something that most everyone seeks but it is difficult to find! Thank you Patti for your loving soul! 
- Kristin, Angel Reader
Patti is a gifted and talented practitioner. I have been to see Patti for both Reiki and for Hypnotherapy. Patti's hands become extremely warm when she is working and you can feel the positive energy that she is sharing. After receiving a treatment from Patti you will feel renewed and energized. I sent my son to see Patti after I had experienced her gifts, and he was equally pleased with the experience. - Julie Tillman Francisco

I recently met with Patti for a regression hypnosis session. While I was not able to regress, I found the session so incredibly relaxing. I left without a care in the world, feeling like I'd finally caught up on much needed sleep. Thanks Patti!  - Olga Lampkin

I am absolutely delighted to say that my hypnotherapy with Patti Leppo to stop smoking has been an unbelievable success. My fear of not being able to quit was put to rest immediately. A feeling of confidence and control over my actions replaced the fear. My session also included acupuncture with Patti Bedrosian. She put seed pods in key points in my left ear and recommended an herbal tea and inhaler to use in combination with the therapy. I have tried hypnotherapy and acupuncture in years past, but to no avail. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when I scheduled my session, so no one was more amazed than myself when I was able to cut down and then quite my long time addiction to cigarettes. - Nancy, Retired Teacher
Patti is the real deal! I learned so much from her session,that I'm planning on doing it again. I highly recommend her services. -  Ronald Melbihess
I was blessed to have been gifted a session with Patti. She was very knowledgeable and calm and thorough. I had a very calm and pleasant experience with the past life regression even though I was shown my death I had no anxiety or fear. This session helped explain a few things in my current life. I highly recommend a session with Patti to anyone. -  Deanna Shanti, Founder of  My Guide to Insight
In a word, Patti is an “amazing” hypnotherapist and healer! I’ve been working with her for many years now and have healed many core wounds through our sessions together. She provides a safe environment to deeply explore the depths of our inner worlds. She is loving, compassionate and her professionalism is first rate. If you have ever been curious about hypnotherapy and past life regressions, reach out to Patti today and book your appointment! ~ Jay Varvel, Spiritual Advisor